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Frequently Asked Questions

F: Which versions of the program exist?

A: New! This has just been changed. We have made a single program that can be extended by modules. This means, you can choose only those functions, that you need. Planned is for example a 3D visualization of the horse. Here you see a versions overview as PDF. New! With almost identical functionality you can (soon) order a Mobile Version for en-route usage.

F: I have downloaded the program. Which password do I need to put in?

A: In the demoversion you type user "admin" and leave the password emtpy.
F: Still, the programm tells me, that password or user is invalid..
A: Install the Database-Fix, refer to download-area.

F: How can I create a new user and password?

A: In the program open menu 'Options' and then submenu 'Users & passwords'.

F: Which constraints does the demo version have?

A: The number of customers is restricted to 5. All (other) functions of the program are fully testable.

F: Which OS (computer operating system) do I need?

A: The program runs on all 32 bit-Windows versions greater or equal to Windows 98 (currently Windows 64 bit not supported!). A Pentium I with 133 MHz is the minimal System. A typically prevalent computer of nowadays is more than ready for usage. New! The program also runs on Mac and Linux.

F: After installing on Windows Vista I get an error.

A: On Vista the program needs to be installed with Administrator rights (Context menu "execute as administrator"). - Thanks to R. Liebscher

F: Can I work on the PC at home and on the Laptop en-route at the same time?

A: Yes. We have a module for that, supporting multi-pc usage. This includes a Synchro package. Using that, you can work on PC and laptop independently. In the evening both are connected and data is synched, i.e. put on the same level.

F: When printing, the program throws an error / quits. I don't see the printer dialogue at all. What is to do?

A: Verify, if a printer is installed. "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" is not sufficient on this behalf. For testing, you can install the "Generic Text Printer".
A: There are problems with printer drivers from Hewlett Packard. We have a solution for that, please contact us.

F: Can I send invoices via E-Mail?

A: Yes. You can use a third party Freeware, that prints invoices as PDF. Such a program is FreePDF which you can use at no charge.
Thanks to the friendly Developer!

F: How can I transfer the Accounting-data to my Tax accountant?

A: We offer the DATEV-interface. This is a separate module, which enables you to send accounting data with a mouseclick to your tax accountant on Floppy disk or via E-Mail.

F: I need a functions which the program doesn't offer.

A: We are going to investigate which effort is needed to implement your request.

F: Can I use the program in Austria Austria, Switzerland Switzerland, Luxemburg ...?

A: Yes. The program is multi-currency aware. You can have e.g. EUR and british Pound as currencies (and print both on the invoice, if wanted). V.a.T. and all other country-dependent settings can be adjusted.

F: ... is an Accounting system integrated?

A: dasHufeisen is a customized software specially for farriers. Since an accounting system is universal, we didn't integrate such. Instead we offer interfaces to a range of easy and smart accounting systems ranging from a freeware (EasyCash&Tax), over a small solution (Grips-Zero) to DATEV.

F: ... Runtime Error 216 when starting the program

A: Cause: Files of the database-engine couldn't be registered. Solution: Database-Fix (refer to download-area)
[Explanation: Register file dao250.dll manually. Via "Start"(Windows) - "Execute" enter the following:
regsvr32 "C:\Programme\Gemeinsame Dateien\Microsoft Shared\DAO\dao350.dll"
Call us, in case you face any problems, we'll go through this on the phone.]

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