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Program news

(chronologically descending)

Version 4

March 2009

HBCI - automatical booking of incoming payments via Homebanking

Invoice - different V.a.T. rates (e.g. 7% and 19%) per invoice

Invoice - different types and print forms

Invoice - cash payed invoices can be listed in the cash-book

Cash-book - expanded, better printing functions

Fin.accounting - Interface to GRIPS-accounting

Fin.accounting - Interface to Easy Cash & Tax

General - Statistics

Security - 1-Click backup of important data to USB-Stick

Security - 1-Click restore from USB-Stick

Version 3

Aug. 2006

Additional printing forms

To each kind of invoice type an individual form (template) can be assigned. This is used when printing an invoice. Thus, printing gets more flexible.

Discount and automatic Booking

A discount can be assigned to an invoice. Discount is defined as percentage and period of payment. For example: 3%, when paying within 10 days. In case of debit entry, a discount can automatically be booked on printing the invoice.

May 2006

Switzerland Swiss Version

Full preferences for Switzerland:
Swiss Postcodes and Bank codes are available.
New (Jan.2009): Invoiced amounts can be rounded on 5 "Rappen".

Save, Show und Analyse Videos.

Videos can be stored at the horse. Single pictures can be extracted and bookmarks can be set within the video to easily find relevant parts.

Anyone interested in the shown video (somebody trying to put a brand onto the horse) can receive it, just send an email!

Feb. 2006

England English Version | Windows Longhorn/Vista

We have translated the full software to english. Soon a spanish version shall follow on behalf of the english version. We have tested the program successfully under Windows Longhorn (early Vista).


Click onto the picture for full size

June 2005

Context menu

Using the context menu (here: customers), certain functions can be accessed fast: processes, cash-book, open items(reminders) etc.

Open Items

Printing an invoice, open items of that customer, are printed as reminder onto the same sheet of paper. No additional reminder needs to be printed.

User interface simplification

Better structured "New process" window by splitting up the information into three parts:

links: Customer,
mitte: Horse,
rechts: Appointment

April 2005

Quick input form

For example mobile on the Laptop:
Input of most important data within one form

  • Customer / horse owner,
  • one or more horses
  • plus a stable (not shown on this picture)

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