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Stop your paper jumble
Organize your bureau smartly

With a modern 32-bit program especially designed for Farriers. Originally concepted for Windows, now also runs on Linux and Mac. Automatic accounting, bookings, open items, reminders. Send all to your tax accountant via EMail or do-it-yourself tax computation.


dasHufeisen™ - Overview

» Customer-/Horse-/Stable-management
» Quick acquisition of accounts (mobile or in the office)
» invoices, reminders, cash-book
» Services, Items, S+I-Groups
» Open Items (reminders) are monitored, can be printed automatically
» Scheduler, Synchronising with Outlook
» Expert-Preferences: Deseases, breeds, Hoofreport etc.
» Shoing rhythms for horses
» Scheduler, can be synched with Outlook
» digital photos and videos
» All amounts in 2 currencies available (e.g. EUR + brit.Pound)
» Booking via Homebanking (HBCI) = time saving! » Mobile accounting with Windows Mobile / iPhone / Palm(Pre)

"... the program is like a giant notebook for me ..."
(transl. from german)
Jürgen Gotthardt, Certified Farrier - Homepage

...Farriers' arguments:

"Being a consultant since early Alpha versions, I like to say: This software is the only known to me, that a Ferrier can efficiently make use of. Almost no computer knowledge necessary..."
(transl. from german)
Dirk Schäfer, Certified Farrier - Homepage
"The program is a huge saving of labour meanwhile. I have cut down on a complete bureau worker. dasHufeisen could bring my active debts to a tolerable degree, which relies on the reminder monitoring. The complete accounting has been meade transparent and easy by usage of the program. Even at the tax accountant I could bring the "paper flow" to about 1/3 compared to the previous amount. For me, the program is the full solution, that I have always been looking for."
(transl. from german)
Wolfgang Prem, Certified Farrier
"yes! there are some points, in that your Software is better than Lexware. And being honest, a software that is customized to a certain professional guild, cannot be topped. Your program is such complex, that we are not using all of its components so far. My husband doesn't have enough time to make us of all options - we'll see, probably he'll further on hand in his notebook in my bureau and I'll do the rest.... but I really like the organization of dasHufeisen much, and now we do our work with this program. And who knows? Maybe we can make use of all options of your program at some point of time. All right, the order is out to you by mail. We like to have the medium version on CD and are going to pay by invoice."
(transl. from german)
Andreas und Claudia Svejkovsky - Homepage

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